Round-up: All the week's hottest stories

The PS3 has enjoyed a revival over the last two weeks. Can it continue?

As the week draws to a close and we start looking forward to a weekend of sleep and football, Steve Jobs will be smuggly sitting at home, pleased that Apple has managed to dominate the week's news once again.

Not only is the iPhone just a couple of weeks away from launching in the UK, Friday Octover 26 was the international launch of Apple's new operating system - Leopard. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is already accumulating rave reviews and seems to be keeping most of the hardcore Apple fanboys happy. Our copy arrived today and so far Rob Mead loves it.

Apple can't put a foot wrong

And if the admiration of our Rob isn't enough to keep Steve happy, sales of the iPod and iPhone are apparently so strong that they're boosting sales of Apple Mac computers.

Apple has also been adding a lot of new videos to the iTunes store in an effort to get people spending even more money. Apple is one big money machine at the moment, is anyone or anything ever going to be able to halt the march of King Jobs?

On the console front, the PlayStation 3 managed to pull off a coup last week. It outsold both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 to become the best selling games console over the seven day period. Spurred on by price cuts and the l aunch of the cut-price 40GB model, is the PS3 set for a major assault on our living rooms?

PS3 vs Wii vs Xbox, part 27

According to some people, sales aren't everything anyway. Despite Microsoft shifting 26,000 more Xbox 360's than Nintendo did Wiis last month, one analyst says that the Nintendo Wii was "still victorious". If you can work that one out, let us know.

Other console news saw a games developer proclaim that the entire industry has been socked by how massively successful the Nintendo Wii has become. And Sony has been begging a lot of those developers to make games for its PS3 console instead of concentrating on Nintendo's baby.

Outside of the console/Apple dominated world of news, Adobe says that in 10 years time, all software will be web-based like Google Apps (which we've been finding incredibly useful). Do you agree? Let us know.

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