Accessorise your iPhone with Belkin

Now that we know how long we have to wait until we can get our hands on an Apple iPhone, the time is nigh to stock up on nifty accessories to go with the coveted device.

Belkin has just announced a stack of Apple iPhone accessories, including cases and cables, that are available now. They are as follows:

Slim-fit case for Apple iPhone (£25)
Made with soft-touch leather and a padded exterior for extra protection, the Apple iPhone case means you can easily take your device with you and keep it fully protected. The case comes with a removable belt clip, in case you prefer to wear your iPhone clipped to your belt. You can easily remove the iPhone through the mesh base, which also allows for full speaker volume.

Sport armband for Apple iPhone (£20)
We all know that listening to music eases the pain of exercising...take the Apple iPhone jogging with you. This sports armband is made of a breathable material to make sure that it's still comfortable once you start sweating, and it's machine-washable once you're done running. There's a pocket as well that you can keep your keys in, or store your earphones between uses. The screen is protected but you can still work the touchscreen without difficulty.

ClearScreen overlay (£10)
This overlay provides a clear protective shield for your iPhone screen, preventing the scratches and minor cosmetic damage that can occur from everyday use. It's easy to apply and, if you decide to remove it, it won't leave a residue.

Headphone adapter for Apple iPhone (£8)
This adapter offers an easy way to connect any 3.5mm stereo headphones to the Apple iPhone. It works with all Belkin cases for the iPhone, and comes with a Belkin lifetime warranty.

Mini-stereo cable for Apple iPhone (£13)
This mini-stereo cable ensures that you can listen to your iPhone tunes through a portable speaker or your home stereo system. It consists of a 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug, and a 1.8m cable.

Stereo cable for Apple iPhone (£13)
Similar to the one above, this stereo cable comes with chrome-finished connectors and nickel-plated contacts. It has a slightly longer cable, at 2.1m, and colour-coated connectors.

All these Belkin accessories for the Apple iPhone are available now.