High-fashion wearables? Misfit and Swarovski make it so

Misfit Swarovski Shine collection
Combining fancy with fitness

Attempting to prove that wearables can be techy and look good, Misfit has teamed up with Swarovski to bring you a set of fancy fitness trackers.

Announced during CES 2015, the pair will produce two new Misfit Shines will be part of the Swarovski Shine Collection.

The first Swarovski Shine features a clear design with a crystal face. The second, more enticing Shine is violet in color and features solar charging. That's right - stick this baby under the sun and boom, you're in business.

Misfit and Swarovski claim this is the first wireless activity and sleep tracker to utilize this charging method, eliminating the need for charging or replaceable batteries.

Shine on you crazy diamonds

In addition to being a fashionistas dream come true, the Shine line actually puts in work; the wearables automatically track steps, distance, burned calories and sleep metrics.

Keeping with their exclusive pedigree, the Shine wearables won't be easy to come by. They are currently up for pre-order in the US on misfit.com, and starting in the spring Swarovski stores in the US, Hong Kong and China will stock the devices. Consumers will also find them on swarovski.com then, too.

No word on price yet, though we're expecting the wearables won't come cheap.

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