Porsche's Dolby Atmos soundbar made from a car tailpipe is… a look

The Porsche 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro hanging on a wall like a piece of art
(Image credit: Porsche)

Soundbars are typically sleek speakers that sit unobtrusively in front of or below your TV screen – they're made to be ignored. But Porsche Design has taken a real left turn on that concept, delivering a $12,000 / £9,100 / AU$19,955 Dolby Atmos soundbar that's made to stand out. Literally – it pokes right off the wall, because it’s made from an actual Porsche 992 GT3 (992) exhaust system.

It's called the 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro, and in theory the sound is as in-your-face as the look – it's a 2.1.2-channel soundbar, meaning that it delivers stereo front sound, two Dolby Atmos height channels, and has a bass channel.

Disappointingly, the audio won’t be blown out through the tailpipe like you'd hope – much more practical speakers will deal with that side of things – so the addition of the car part is purely for ornamentation. Which seems like a waste of good holes, but that doesn’t stop this Porsche soundbar from being one of the more memorable designs we’ve ever seen.

It's not all about the… unique look, though. It hasn't skimped on the tech specs  – the 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro supports 4K audio-compatible HDMI ports if you want a wired sound system, while those of you who prefer a wireless setup can take advantage of its AirPlay 2 support and built-in Google Chromecast. Plus, if you have a collection of Porsche 911 soundbars – or plan to get others in the future – this model can sync up with your others to create an even more powerful soundstage. So that's a nice benefit for us all.

The Porsche 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro hanging on a wall like a piece of art

It's such a shame the exhaust is just decoration and isn't actually part of the speaker  (Image credit: Porsche)

Sure, while Porsche’s cars are known for their high-end performance and power, it's not exactly a big name in soundbars. Yes, this latest model supports Dolby Atmos’ immersive audio and includes a 2.1.2 channel setup that can put it to good use, but compared with the best soundbars out there it’s far from being in pole position.

Those of you who want a super-powerful audio setup may instead prefer one of the best soundbars out there: the Samsung HW-Q990B. This multi-speaker setup launched back in May, priced at $1,899 / £1,599 / AU$2,199 (but we’ve seen it on sale for much less), and pushes the definition of a soundbar – it features a bar, a subwoofer, as well as two rear speakers – but in doing so it elevates its performance above what a solo speaker can achieve. Despite being remarkably compact, Samsung’s 11.1.4 channel speakers deliver an incredible and immersive performance.

Even if you opt for something more budget-friendly – like the step-down Samsung HW-Q930B or 2021’s Samsung HW-Q800A – you can still find sound systems that leave Porsche’s in the dust (at least from an audio perspective).

That said, this limited-edition soundbar isn’t designed for audiophiles – it’s made very much for autophiles. It's not just about having a gadget that sounds good, but about having a statement device/work of art that demonstrates your affection for Porsche cars.

If you're keen to snatch up this unique soundbar you might want to act fairly fast – Porsche is only making 500 of them, and once preorders have sold out it'll go off sale. The car brand may bring it back in the future with a slightly tweaked design, as it has done with previous speakers, but once this exact model is gone, it's gone. 

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