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Polaroid Hi-Print turns your phone snaps into personalized stickers

(Image credit: Polaroid)

Polaroid has launched a new pocket-sized printer for printing snaps taken with your phone. The Polaroid Hi-Print produces 2.1 x 3.4-inch prints (credit card-sized), with sticky backs for attaching your shots to a variety of surfaces, such as notebooks, lockers and scrapbooks.

The Hi-Print is the first instant digital product to be announced since Polaroid’s rebranding exercise back in March. It ditched the 'Originals' from its name in order to appeal to those familiar with the brand’s extensive heritage.

To create prints with the Hi-Print, you’ll need an 'all-in-one' cartridge which features both the paper (10 sheets) and a color ribbon. The printer uses heat to seal the final image in under a minute, leaving you with water- and smudge-resistant prints. Polaroid says that the prints are “fade-proof”, as the printer uses the dye-sublimation process.

The printer connects to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, and can be used with the free Polaroid Hi-Print mobile app, available for Android and iOS, which you can use to personalize your photos by adding filters, overlays, frames, text, stickers and more.

Battery life is good for 20 shots, which is two full packs of Polaroid cartridges. The Hi-Print is available to buy now from the Polaroid website, priced tat £89.99 for the printer alone, while 20 prints (two packs of paper) will set you back £8.99; US and Australia pricing is yet to be confirmed.