Toshiba battles the photobombers with dual-camera module for mobile

Toshiba battles the photobombers with dual-camera module for mobile
Tosh's camera will allow focus shifting and object extraction

Toshiba has announced a new camera module for smartphone and tablet devices which will allow users to alter the focus of their shots and even remove some objects from the frame.

The TCM9518MD dual-camera module takes two shots, simultaneously and from slightly different angles, which, when combined with an image processing app, will enable more complex editing.

Both cameras are capable of shooting 5-megapixel images, which are upscaled to 13-megapixels, according to Toshiba, which is currently sending out sample shipments at the end of next month.

Those upscaled 13-megapixel images might not be as impressive as those within most modern, high-end smartphones, but Tosh is hoping the ability to amend the focus and remove photobombers will compensate.

'Extracted and erased'

The tech was actually announced a year ago, but it appears that Tosh has finally mastered it and is ready to show industry partners what the module is made of.

"The dedicated image processing LSI of the "TCM9518MD" measures and appends depth data to objects in the image," the company claims.

"Used in combination with customers' applications, the module supports new photo functions, including focus and defocus, and even allows objects in photographs to be extracted and erased."

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