Supposed Sony smartphone lens mount might make your pics less terrible

Sony smartphone camera mount
Is that a standalone camera lens in your pocket?

Face it, smartphone camera photos are never going to be good enough when compared to those taken by a DSLR, and high-end standalone cameras are impractical to carry around all day long.

Sony knows this and that's why it may be making a high-end camera lens that can be attached to existing smartphones and bridges the gap.

The Sony camera lens contains a built-in sensor, battery and memory, according to a blog dedicated to the company's cameras, Sony Alpha Rumors.

The sensor and Zeiss lens is said to be the same as the one included in the recently released and well-reviewed Sony RX100 II.

Connectivity for photos

The Sony camera lens can be mounted on a smartphone or used separately, as it contains a built-in battery that can power the device on its own, according to the report.

This means that its photos would then have to be transferred to a smartphone or tablet by Wi-Fi and NFC, a process similar to that of an Eye-Fi card.

While the existence of a standalone Sony camera lens with the on-board bells and whistles of an RX-100 Mark II is very much a rumor, Sony Alpha Rumors rates it an SR5, or "almost certainly correct."

The site also claims that a second model with a smaller sensor and larger zoom is being made by Sony.

As confident as the report is about the existence of these Sony camera lenses, no price or release date was given.

Matt Swider