Samsung has another 360-degree VR camera in the works

Gear VR demos
Gear VR users possibly enjoying some 360-degree video.

Virtual reality was a running theme of these years CES - from Oculus to Nikon - which isn't surprising considering how much VR kit is expected to go on sale during 2016 (albeit at a rather expensive price point).

A trademark application for the name "Gear 360" registered in Samsung's home country of South Korea gives a tantalising glimpse of what the company has in store - it sounds very much like a camera for capturing 360-degree clips.

Samsung itself hasn't confirmed the news but we already know it's been working on a bigger, multi-cam rig called Project Beyond. It would make sense that the firm wants to have something smaller and cheaper for consumers too.

Demo videos

Until there's official word from Samsung we don't know anything about the price or the availability of the Gear 360 but it's something to watch out for in the coming months - no doubt it'll be the perfect companion to your Gear VR.

Meanwhile if you're interested in Nikon's own 360-degree camera, the KeyMission 360, the company has put some demo videos up on YouTube - if you're not using a VR headset you'll have to click and drag to have a look around, but it gives you a taster.

GoPro is also tipped to be working on a compact camera that can record footage in every direction at once. If you're a casual 360-degree filmmaker you're going to be spoilt for choice in the coming months.

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