GoPro wants to make a 360-degree VR camera for the masses

GoPro camera
Another GoPro camera is on the way.

GoPro is taking a keen interest in the virtual reality revolution: you may remember Google's Jump VR filming rig, announced back in June, is powered by no less than 16 GoPro cameras.

Now GoPro CEO Nick Woodman has dropped a hint that his company will bring out something suitable for the average user too. The word he used on stage at CES was "casual", so it sounds like we're in line for a pocket-sized 360-degree camera in the near future.

Think something along the lines of Nikon's recently unveiled KeyMission 360, a camera that can record video footage in every direction at once rather than just looking straight ahead. GoPro certainly won't want to be left behind, so expect a competing device sooner rather than later.

360-degree video

The benefits of 360-degree video means viewers can peer in any direction they like - it's not a full virtual reality experience (there's no depth perception for a start) but it's much easier to record and produce, as these new cameras are proving.

The likes of YouTube and Facebook already support 360-degree video, and if you don't have a VR headset to hand you can view these clips in your browser - you just have to click and drag rather than moving your head.

We don't know what GoPro's new camera will be called or when it will be out but it's on the way. It's a sign that the company wants to broaden its range beyond action cameras - and that includes drones too.

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