Flickr works with Pinterest for 'fairer pinning'

Flickr has introduced a new way to share images via Pinterest

Flickr has announced that it has been working together with Pinterest, the increasingly popular social networking site, for better pinning options.

Pinterest has been growing in popularity over the past few months, but concerns have previously been raised about the copyright of images that are 'pinned' to a user's board.

Initially, Flickr allowed users to opt out of allowing their images to be pinned from the site in a bid to satisfy photographers worried about any potential infringement.

Now, however, Flickr has announced that images can directly be shared from Flickr to Pinterest in a way that means proper credit and link back to a photographer's page is included.


The new Pinterest button can be found in the share menu on Flickr, which allows users to share photo pages, favourites and groups. If you are a prolific pinner, the menu will change to prioritise the Pin It button. If a photographer would prefer their images to be kept away from Pinterest, the share menu will be disabled.

Writing on the Flickr blog, the company said, "We made sure that every image shared from Flickr will be clearly attributed with the name of the photographer, the title, as well as a link back to the photo page. Because the attribution cannot be edited, photographers can rest assured that pins and repins of their images will be credited and linked back as well, ensuring people can leave comments, fave the photo or contact you directly on Flickr."

The attribution also applies to photos that are pinned from Flickr photos embedded into other websites and pages.

Interestingly, Pinterest has also taken the step to go back and add the correct attribution to all photos that have been pinned from Flickr so far.

Amy Davies

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