Canon partners with Geo Tactical Solutions

Canon GPS Cameras
Geo Tactical Solutions will bring GPS functionality to Canon cameras

Geo Tactical Solutions has partnered with Canon to offer geo-tagging capabilities to Canon digital cameras, along with capturing GPS data.

Image data will be able to be integrated into mapping applications such as ArcGIS, Google Earth, TIGR and Falcon View. It will also be possible to geotag images with advanced photo-capture capabilities such as obtaining GPS co-ordinates of distant objects, tagging images with attribute data and exporting image files.

Currently, the GTS firmware works only with selected Ricoh cameras, but from 2012, it will be available for a number of Canon cameras. Customisable features on board Canon cameras will include compatibility with laser range finders, for capturing object location, geo-tagging of the camera's position, image attribute tagging or "memo tags," automatic data imprinting on photographs for visual recall, and image file exporting.

Image mapping

Once images are captured and transferred to a computer, GTS software can automatically convert digital image files into various formats that can be used for reporting and mapping. A standardised report template is also automatically generated by the software. GTS expects the firmware/software to be used by a wide range of photographers, including military, federal and commercial users.

GTS currently has plans to target the new line of Canon GPS cameras and supporting technology at organisations that deal with large amounts of photographic data that have a need to more easily map that data.

An official UK price for the GTS units for Canon cameras are yet to be confirmed, with shipping expected to start in the early part of 2012.

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