Alleged GoPro Hero 5 video shows off new interface


GoPro's next entry in the Hero line of cameras could be a bit of a departure, according to a video demonstration leaked today.

Posted on Reddit and Vimeo (opens in new tab) by a user named Konrad Iturbe, the leaked footage allegedly shows a tutorial for the unannounced GoPro Hero 5.

Fueling the speculation is Iturbe's claim that they found the footage tucked away in the official GoPro app under the filename, "add_camera_hero5.mp4," according to The Verge.

What's new with the GoPro Hero 5?

The biggest change appears to be a new, simplified touchscreen interface. Controls for the camera's microphone, Wi-Fi status, and options menu can be easily accessed in a single swipe.

The alleged GoPro Hero 5 in action

Also demonstrated is the process for connecting the supposed Hero 5 to smartphones, GoPro Smart Remotes (opens in new tab), and a not-yet-unveiled system called GoPro Sniper.

Touchscreens aren't new for GoPros; the Hero 4 Silver comes with one built-in, while the higher-end Hero4 Black offers a touch-enabled LCD display as an accessory. However, the Hero 5 could possibly make touchscreens a standard for all versions of the upcoming action camera.

This is a big year for the action cam company; in addition to the Hero 5, GoPro's Karma drone is set to launch this coming holiday, along with its £4,200/$5,000 Omni VR rig, which ships in exactly a fortnight.

While it's best to take leaks with a grain of salt - easy, given it's only eight seconds long - we still find ourselves excited to see what GoPro does to shake up its lineup for adrenaline junkies and action photographers alike.

GIF via Konrad Iturbe | Vimeo (opens in new tab)

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