2010's hottest rumoured cameras detailed

Take a look through the viewfinder...of the future!
Take a look through the viewfinder...of the future! Possibly.

PhotoRadar has named its top 10 rumoured camera releases for the coming year, and included the likes of a 24MP Nikon D700X and an APS-C format Canon Powershot G12.

PhotoRadar, which like TechRadar is published by Future, believes that the next year will hold some exciting news for camera buffs, with big players like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus all tipped to make major releases.

One of the most intriguing entries is a prediction that Nikon could release an APS-C compact camera – based on some loose-lipped discussion from a Leica representative.

APS-C is also the sensor technology used in Samsung's upcoming NX10 series of cameras, which was announced today.

Sony Cyber-shot R2

And Sony camera fans will no doubt be hoping that this will be the year that Sony finally follows up on the Sony Cyber-shot R1.

As PhotoRadar explains: "Sony's short-lived Cyber-shot R1 was launched in 2005 and disappeared off the radar not long after that as mainstream digital SLRs captured the public's imagination instead.

"But it was a remarkable camera with a 10-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor and 5x 24-120mm Carl Zeiss zoom with no mirror but an articulating LCD and full-time Live View.

"It was ahead of its time, and we wonder if Sony knows it. What if Sony is planning a new version?

"Let's call it the Sony Cyber-shot R2. Let's say it has a 12x fixed (non-interchangeable) 12x super-wide angle zoom, articulating 3-inch 920,000 pixel LCD, 1.4-megapixel EVF, Full HD movies and the 10fps continuous shooting and sweep panorama modes of the Cyber-shot HX1. Interesting, eh?"

Interesting indeed. You can check this out and the other nine wishlist entries in PhotoRadar's story.

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