Panasonic unleashes six new HD camcorders, one wearable

Panasonic VC-V520
Panasonic's new midrange HC-V520

At a press conference on Monday at the start of CES 2013, Panasonic unveiled a full arsenal of new HD camcorders, only one of which is wearable, unfortunately.

That one would be the HX-A100, an ear-mounted camera with full HD capabilities.

The wearable HX-A100 can also be mounted on a helmet or backpack, and it's perfect for snowboarding and children's birthday parties alike.

In addition to that, more new Panasonic camcorders were announced. From low- to high-end, they're the HC-V110, HC-V210, HC-V520, HC-V720, and HC-X920.

Wi-fi, NFC and more

Wearable as it is, the HX-A100 is of course environment-proof - water, sand and dust can't hurt it - and advanced features like a BSI sensor and "Level Shot"/image stabilization detect and correct tilted or blurry shots.

It even cuts wind noise for speedy runs down the slopes.

The HX-A100, as well as Panasonic's high-end HC-X920, HC-V720, and HC-V520, also feature new Wi-Fi capabilities that allow them to broadcast live in real time while simultaneously capturing in full 1080p HD.

The V720 and V520 also have near field communication (NFC) technology for remote shooting using a smartphone, and the A100 features a live view through a smartphone or tablet with recording controls as well.

The new high-end Panasonic

At the higher end of Panasonic's new camcorder spectrum lie the HC-X920, HC-V720 and HC-V520.

The X920 features the new 3MOS PRO with a backside illumination (BSI) sensor, which enhances the camera's ability to shoot in low light, according to Panasonic.

In addition, the X920 features some even more advanced functions for experienced photographers, including a manual ring that allows for manual control of zoom, focus, iris, shutter speed and white balance, plus an electronic viewfinder to complement the LCD screen.

All three - the X920, V720 and V520 - feature the new "Level Shot" 5-Axis image stabilization tech.

Panasonic's new line of camcorders will begin appearing in stores by February, though pricing has yet to be announced. Keep watching TechRadar for more news from CES 2013.

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