Vodafone 4G prepaid plans on track for 2013 launch

Vodafone 4G
Voda's new LTE network isn't even available for everyone yet, and already we're talking about next year

The arrival of Vodafone's LTE network is only in the early stages, but already the team at Vodafone are working on the next stages of the network's development.

In addition to expanding the rollout, Vodafone is already drawing up plans for prepaid access to the network, with the hopes to roll the plans out to customers this year.

Speaking to TechRadar about the launch of the Vodafone LTE network, Vodafone's Head of Network Product Management, Robert Glennon told us: "We're looking to get some prepaid customers over this year, and we're getting our plans together on this."

"We're looking to launch it this year - we're not committed to launch it this year, but we're certainly drawing up our plans right now," he said.

HD Voice and Voice over LTE also incoming

Vodafone is also looking a bit further out at new technologies it can introduce to keep its network on the cutting edge. Among those technologies are HD Voice and Voice over LTE.

"HD Voice is one of the things we're looking at and also Voice over LTE. So right now we're looking at the next options and when we can start bringing over pre-paid customers, and some of the other options for LTE in both the short and long term," Glennon explained.

"Obviously there's coverage, there's the backhaul, and our core network - all these things we've got exciting plans for - and additionally there's new products such as HD Voice, and VoLTE and again, more immediate things on our mind like prepaid," he added.

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