You'll be able to buy Project Ara parts through Google's special store

Google's building a dedicated marketplace for Project Ara
Ara-n't you excited yet?

Google is reportedly setting up a dedicated marketplace similar to Google Play in order to sell components for Project Ara, its upcoming module smartphone.

The search giant struck a deal with software solutions company Globant to co-produce the marketplace which will serve as a hub for buying and selling the hardware modules required for the device.

It's the first indication we've seen of how Google plans to sell and distribute its ambitious modular smartphone platform. Over time, potentially, other companies and suppliers could get involved in producing and selling select components - batteries or camera lenses - for the phone.

For the users

A statement released by Globant sets out the vision for the marketplace as: "analogous to Google's Play store for Android apps, and will also include reviews and recommendations by its users. Globant will collaborate on the store's back-end development leveraging its eCommerce, digital markets and high performance systems practices."

Unfortunately, today's announcement gave us no clues about a possible release timeline for the concept. But we can console ourselves with the fact Google does already have a working prototype running Android.

We'll get our next sniff of modular progress at a second Project Ara Developers Conference in January when the team will reveal the next version of the Ara Module Developers Kit. and provide more.

Via: 9to5Google