Weird face swaps on Snapchat just got a lot easier

More new features are headed to Snapchat.

As you'll no doubt have noticed if you use the app, face swapping is the latest hot trend on the latest hot social app, and Snapchat is making the most of it - its engineers have added a new features to make the trick much easier and more versatile.

First and foremost you can swap faces using photos from your phone rather than enlisting the help of whoever is stood with you. Swapping faces with Barack Obama, Justin Bieber or anyone else you're never going to meet is now very simple indeed.

The replay feature has also been tweaked in the latest update too: the pay-for-multiple-replays option has been scrapped, so everyone gets one replay for each snap no matter how much cash you've got to burn.

Snap happy

The Snapchat engineers are certainly keeping themselves busy - just last month they dropped a bunch of new chat features to make the whole experience smoother and richer. Maybe turning down Facebook's billions wasn't such a bad idea after all.

As before, press and hold on a face to add special effects or a swap. You can swap faces with your favourite movie star, pop idol or cartoon character, all with a couple of taps.

Another recent update to Snapchat saw the addition of motion-tracking stickers to take your video clips to the next level. If you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, then you're probably too old for Snapchat - try updating your LinkedIn profile instead.

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