Snapchat, Google pay tribute to Prince with purple rain


Update: Google, too, is paying tribute to the late music icon. Its Google Doodle is now a deep shade of purple, and purple rain splatters against it and in the background.

"We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life," a Google tweet revealing the Doodle read, a reference to Prince's song, Let's Go Crazy.

Clicking on the word in search takes users to a catalogue of Prince hits, as well as news about his passing.

Google Doodle Purple Rain

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Just a few hours after the passing of legendary musician Prince, Snapchat put out a special geofilter for fans to share and commiserate with.

The filter, not to be confused with Snapchat's line of motion-tracking selfie lenses, overlays an image of purple rain over the user's snap, a clear reference to Prince's hit album, song and movie of the same name.

The tribute was met with mostly positive reception from Snapchat users and the net at large.


Several have also begun using the photo layer to create their own sendoffs to the artist for a 'We Love Prince' story that will be compiled onto the app.

That said, some younger music fans have mistaken the app's filter for rapper Future's Purple Reign – an album that dropped earlier this year that's a reference to the original Prince record.

The Purple Rain filter comes after Snapchat faced heated backlash earlier this week over a Bob Marley filter that many found offensive for several reasons.

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