Video calling and text chat turn Snapchat into WhatsApp with self-destruct

Snapchat's new video chat and IM turn it into Whatsapp with self-destruct
Good thing no one will EVER KNOW what we're up to

It might be time for Zuck to up his offer – Snapchat has just added a couple of nifty new features that we reckon we'll be using quite a lot.

As of today's update, you can now instant message and video chat with fellow Snappers. Text conversations will be wiped when you leave but you can tell the app to save any that are vitally important - or just screenshot like we all already do anyway.

Furthermore, a blue icon will now show you when your friend is reading the conversation at the same time as you. Hit that button (and keep your finger on the screen) to start streaming video from your device's camera.

These are some pretty significant updates to the messenger, but overall it's still doing what it does best: providing a dedicated outlet for irreverent, in-the-moment nonsense. And that's no bad thing.

Hugh Langley

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