UK misses out on Fire Phone for now, Amazon tells Brits to 'stay tuned'

UK misses out on Fire Phone for now, as Amazon tells us to 'stay tuned'"
"Stuck in Americaaaa"

Amazon has told Brits to 'stay-tuned' for news of an international release, after the company announced its Amazon Fire Phone will be US-only at launch.

The long-awaited, glasses-free 3D handset was revealed by CEO Jeff Bezos at a media event in Seattle, on Wednesday, as an exclusive on the AT&T network, with pre-orders commencing immediately.

The company did not address a roll out in other territories during the event, but that was no surprise given the company often launches hardware in its homeland long before expanding internationally.

TechRadar asked the firm about a possible UK roll out an Amazon representative told us: "We're launching today in the U.S. We will have to ask you to stay tuned."

When pressed on whether the phone would definitely reach the UK, the company told us it could "not comment on future plans."

Waiting game

If previous form is anything to go by, other nations may be waiting a while before an international expansion is announced.

The company is yet to release announce plans to release the Fire TV set-top box outside of the United States, while it also took Amazon almost an entire year to bring the Kindle Fire tablet to the UK.

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