Three confirms price hike is nothing to do with 4G rollout

Three confirms price hike is nothing to do with 4G rollout
Promises that it won't differentiate

Three has promised that it would be offering us 4G at no additional cost, but a couple of new price hikes in its One Plan has got us wondering if that's actually going to be the case.

The network has increased both its monthly and 30-day One Plans, increasing the £15 a month (on 12 month contract) deal to £20 and upping its 30-day deal from £18 to £23. That's an additional £60 a year you'll be forking out.

However, Three has told TechRadar that the price increases are nothing to do with 4G, despite the convenient timing ahead of Three's 4G rollout, which is believed to be happening early this year.

"There is no extra cost for 4G on Three," said a spokesperson. "We do not charge different prices for 3G and 4G services."

Upping the Gs

Three added that it reviews its pricing from "time to time" and will not differentiate depending on what data customers are using.

"Other operators have opted to have 4G-specific tariffs at higher prices, regardless of whether their customers are using 4G, 3G or 2G," said the spokesperson. "We do not differentiate."

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