This speaker may have just confirmed the blue iPhone 7

This speaker may have just confirmed the blue iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 launches next week and word of a blue version potentially showing its face has been hinted at before, but now we have our biggest clue yet thanks to... wait for it... a speaker.

JBL launched its new Playlist speaker at IFA 2016 in Berlin, and it's available in black, white and a deep blue. Nothing out of the ordinary so far then, but it's what we were told by the JBL spokesperson regarding the blue hue where things get interesting.

"We also have [the Playlist in] deep blue, which we think will be an important color this holiday season," the spokesperson said.

We pressed him to give us a little more detail, and he told us "we think this will be quite a popular color choice as a few more devices will launch with a similar color before the holidays."

JBL Playlist

Blue blooded iPhone

While this doesn't confirm that we will get a blue iPhone 7, the fact the speaker is primarily controlled by your smartphone, and the new iPhone will be a must-have gift for many come Christmas, it gives us a pretty strong hint that the other devices mentioned are mobile related.

Of course it's not just the new iPhones we're looking forward to in the coming weeks, as Google is expected to also roll out a couple of new Nexus handsets – and with the Playlist supporting Google Cast perhaps the search giant is looking at blue too.

JBL Playlist

Last year Apple introduced Rose Gold as a new color option with the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, so it's certainly not out the question that it'll add a further finish to its line up for the iPhone 7.

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