This is the only UK network that lets you keep last month's unused data


Ever get to the end of the month with unused data on your phone contract, just to see it disappear? Now one network has seen fit to let you take that leftover internet into the next month so you don't have to watch it vanish without a trace.

New and existing customers of the Carphone Warehouse's ID network will now be able to use a feature called Data Rollover that means any leftover internet will now be used in the following month.

It's free for all 12 or 24 month GoTo plans on the network, and those with one-month SIM-Only plans. It isn't clear why Data Rollover isn't available on 12 month SIM-Only plans, but techradar has asked if the network will look to introduce the feature in future.

iD Rollover

Smarter internet use

Rollover Data will be automatically turned on and your contract will use that data before using the allowance from the current month. It will only rollover for one month though and if you don't use it then it'll disappear.

ID is one of the youngest UK networks and is run by Carphone Warehouse. It offers low price 4G and a variety of different roaming schemes that are even better than Three's.

It piggybacks on the Three network, so signal is good over the whole country and the new Rollover scheme is just another reason to sit up and take notice of ID.

James Peckham

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