The new Moto X could miss out on one key feature

Moto X fingerprint sensor

A new set of leaked photos for the next Moto X have hit the web, and the leaker hints that Motorola's next flagship may not include a fingerprint sensor, diverging from competitors Apple and Samsung.

Leaker HelloMotoHK took to Facebook and shared 3 images of the upcoming handset, revealing its inner workings. According to the source, previous leaks were old engineering models and that the final product will look similar to the device he or she posted - one without a fingerprint sensor.

From one of the leaked images, it looks like the phone could also support wireless charging, which would be a handy upgrade. Unfortunately, the photos and the leak itself don't appear to tell us much about any specific details of the phone.

Moto X no fingerprint sensor leak

It's hard to trust any leaks nowadays, especially when it comes to the Moto X. It seems like just about every day we are getting conflicting rumors about different features either being included or excluded from this handset.

Just earlier this week, a contradictory leak saying a fingerprint sensor is being expected in the Moto X was released, making it even more difficult to know which source to trust.

Before this phone ever hits the shelves, we can expect to get many more leaks just like this one. Some will prove true, some will likely be debunked and almost all of them will raise more questions than they answer. Until that time, I would advise anyone interested to tread lightly in the Moto X rumor mill.

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Via Phone Arena