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The best iPhone 6 Plus prices and deals in January 2016

iphone 6 plus deals and prices

The enormous iPhone 6 Plus is magnificent. It's the supersized handset so many of us wanted Apple to create. Sure it may have been replaced by the equally impressive iPhone 6S Plus, but this is where Apple's big-screen phone adventure began and it can now be yours for less than ever before. The higher resolution display, larger screen and enhanced camera do come at an additional cost though, so if you're looking for something slightly more economical don't forget to check out the iPhone 6.

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iphone 6 plus deals

The best iPhone 6 Plus deals:

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB
This is the cheapest way to get in some supersized Apple iPhone action. The 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch Retina display is a whole different ballgame from any previous iPhone in terms of sheer screen size and resolution. As with all iPhone 6s, it also got a faster CPU and an improved camera. Multimedia fans beware, however. This entry-level model only has 16GB of storage.

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
The iPhone 6 Plus is all about that glorious 5.5-inch Retina display. So why not give it enough storage to make it a full-on multimedia machine? With 64GB, you can have that big music libray and still have space for videos and more demanding apps like navigation with locally stored maps. And all for significantly less than the newer 64GB iPhone 6S Plus. Hurray.

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus 128GB
How much are you willing to pay for the best? That's the question you have to ask yourself when considering this, the most capacious iPhone 6 Plus. When you consider that you'r getting another 64GB for about the same premium as Apple demands for the 64GB over the 16GB model, you could argue that it's decent value. But unless you absolutely need as much storage as humanly possible, it's also a little pricey for a previous-generation handset.

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus | Annual Upgrades | From $32.45
We've all been there. No sooner have you picked up that shiny new iPhone then Apple wheels out something even slicker. Doh! But don't despair. Apple has a way of making that new-iPhone fix that little bit more affordable. It's called the Annual Upgrade Program. Instead of buying the handset up front, you pay a monthly installment. After 12 months, you can trade in your iPhone 6 Plus for the latest and greatest iPhone and reboot the monthly payment plan.

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