T-Mobile to host Oct. 29 event as info on changed data plans emerges

Lumia 810
Finally some details?

T-Mobile is joining the parade of Oct. 29 events as Friday it announced a rather ambiguous happening for the last Monday of the month.

Microsoft and Google are each hosting events then as well, though the Softie's party is in San Francisco to showcase Windows Phone 8 while the G-men are hosting an

Android affair

in New York.

Just what T-Mo has up its sleeves is much harder to gauge, though chances are we'll see announcements pertaining to the carrier's fall/winter lineup fall out.

Pricing and exact availability for devices like Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 are still unknowns, so getting details for that and the Nokia Lumia 810 are big probables.

TechRadar is attending the T-Mobile event and will bring all the news and device reviews to the fore.

Data changes

In other T-Mobile news, TmoNews has dug up a change to the carrier's smartphone data requirements, finding that the minimum now rests at 2GB a month, up from 200MB.

The change occurred Oct. 10 and now has customers paying $20 a month for 2GB of data. Before, the minimum amount was a paltry 200MB for $10 per month.

T-Mobile's apparent explanation is that 200MB is eaten up in a flash by modern cellphones, and the change makes sense for modern usage.

2GB, the company reasoned, keeps customers from paying unwelcome overage charges or throttling.

Via CNET, TmoNews

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