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T-Mobile confirms second Android phone

T-Mobile readies another Android phone
T-Mobile readies another Android phone

T-Mobile has announced that it will be ranging a second Android-powered handset in the next few months.

The new phone hasn't been disclosed, although it's likely to be either the HTC Magic (probably rebadged as the HTC G2 to continue with the T-Mobile Android dynasty) or the newly-announced Samsung i7500.

Vodafone currently has an exclusive deal for the Magic at the moment, but a source at the network has hinted to us that the deal may only be for around six months, after which other carriers could pick it up.

Similarly, there are aspersions over whether it could be the i7500, as O2 has already announced it's ranging it over in Germany, and was similarly non-committal when asked about bringing it to the UK as well.

Coming in Cupcake

In other T-Mobile news, the network also announced that it will be bringing the Android 1.5 'Cupcake' update to the G1, meaning the phone will now be blessed with the likes of a virtual keyboard and video recording, as well as a whole host of other updates that the G1 was so bewilderingly bereft of originally.

However, this has led to some people beginning to worry about whether their apps will still work on the new system, as someone over at the Android Developers blog has hinted at a problem with backwards compatibility.

But it should affect a small number of applications, although as T-Mobile has announced it has shifted 100,000 units of the G1 in the UK alone, it might affect more people than previously thought.