Spotify brings 'in-app browser' to iPhone app

In-app browser features in new iPhone Spotify update let you share your tunes easily and quickly

If you have Spotify on your iPhone then you may well have noticed that there is an update to the app available this week, which introduces a range of social music sharing features to the iPhone.

It follows Spotify's recent desktop client update, which we notified you about late last month, which featured much-improved Facebook and Twitter integration, amidst a host of other new features.

In-app browser for sharing tunes

Now version 0.4.5 of the Spotify iPhone app has launched, bringing a similar range of features to the phone. (Unfortunately, Android and Symbian users will have to wait a while until they get the same features on their phones).

You can now access the Spotify music Inbox on your iPhone to listen in to tracks that other users suggest you might like. The app will also try to find tracks that you want to listen to on compilation albums – in the case of the original album not being available on Spotify's huge music library.

Spotify for iPhone also features an in-app browser which lets you open Twitter and Facebook pages in order to share your music without shutting down Spotify first. Ingenious.

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