Sony Ericsson announces W995

Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone
Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone

The Sony Ericsson W995 has been shown off by the handset giant, becoming the first phone to bring the company's Media Go functionality.

Sony Ericsson is intent on showing how it can 'seamlessly merge' its handsets into our digital lives, and it believes that Media Go is the first step.

The function 'transfers, plays and organises your entertainment, in most file formats, to your mobile phone simply and effortlessly.'

8.1MP camera

The phone, which brings a 8.1 megapixel camera is part of the Walkman range, so it is of its media capability that Sony Ericsson is most proud.

"With Media Go it's easy to bring your media with you. This unique Sony application makes its worldwide debut on the W995 Walkman and lets you effortlessly and automatically transfer any audio, photos and videos between your phone and computer," says Sony Ericsson.

The executives at the company insist that worrying about resizing video for your phone is a thing of the past – which would certainly be a step forward.

"With Media Go there's no need to worry about format, resolution and 'frame per second' anymore." said Alexandre Cardon, Global Marketing Business Manager at Sony Ericsson. "No longer will the video you transferred from your PC to your phone play in low resolution or bad quality. With Media Go and the W995 the experience is as good on your phone as it was on your PC."

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