A week in the life of the iPhone

It's weird to think that the Apple iPhone has only been on sale for a week; it seems it's been with us for much longer.

It's weird to think the Apple iPhone has only been on sale for a week; it seems this year's most coveted gadget has been with us for much longer. In terms of racking up coverage, we can't think of anything that has been given so much exposure. Here's some of the best bits of the first week on sale for the Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone launch - live!

We stayed up late last Friday to give you the very latest news as the Apple iPhone launched across the US. Thousands of Mac geeks and gadget fans alike queued at Apple and AT&T stores across the United States. Their aim: to be among the lucky few who get an Apple iPhone on its first day of sale.

HP says iPhone represents 'a challenge'

A senior HP technologist has given credit to the Apple iPhone, saying it "challenges other companies." Phil McKinney, chief technology officer of HP's Personal Systems Group, said that Apple deserved praise for what it was doing with its so-called 'breakthrough' device, we reported Monday.

"You have to give credit where credit is due," said McKinney. "What Apple is doing is quite impressive... Steve has done has a lot of passion for the product, for the consumer."

iPhone activation delays frustrate buyers

Apple iPhone buyers experienced trouble activating their handset in the days after the Apple iPhone launch, with delays affecting around 2 per cent of Apple iPhone buyers, we reported Monday.

64-bit Windows dislikes iPhone

The Apple iPhone doesn't work with 64-bit versions of Windows, we reported Monday. Although the number of 64-bit installations of Windows XP and Windows Vista can probably be counted on the back of a stamp, the problem has reared its ugly head for a number of early adopters.

Apple iPhone - full UK review

On Monday we finally got the Apple iPhone review in. Our tester Roman Loyola, reviews editor at our sister site MacLife, spent Friday queuing for an Apple iPhone like everyone else, then had an agonising wait while his AT&T contract kicked in...

iPhone: over half a million sold already

Over half a million Apple iPhones were sold over the weekend following Friday's long-awaited launch. Since doors opened at 6pm on Friday 29 June, some 525,000 Apple iPhones have been bought, we reported Monday.

iPhone: tried, tested and smashed to pieces

Soon after the Apple iPhone finally went on sale on 29 June, gadget fans were busy opening the box, testing it, taking it apart and posting their thoughts online.

No UK iPhone launch today

Apple refused to comment on rumours that it planned to launch the Apple iPhone in the UK Monday. The rumours followed the publication of a highly questionable report by Newswireless.net that appeared Friday. It said a 3G iPhone was imminent and that Apple was partnering with Vodafone, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse to launch the iPhone in Europe.

iPhone to get support for iChat and Exchange

Due to the delay of the Mac OS X Leopard upgrade, Apple has been forced to put several functions of its Apple iPhone on hold, we reported Monday. When the Apple iPhone is released in Europe later this year, the device will have a proper file browser, plus full support for iChat, iLife, iWork and Microsoft Exchange.

iPhone: eBay prices soar amid shortage fears

The first reports of Apple Stores selling out of the Apple iPhone came in over the weekend. Soon thereafter, online entrepreneurs started to cash in, as thousands of Apple iPhones were offered for sale on eBay.

Hackers threaten iPhone lock

On Monday we reported that is was only a matter of time until the Apple iPhone is unlocked to work with any mobile operator. Just two and a bit days after its launch, hackers were already busy trying to beat the Apple iPhone's network lock system.