A week in the life of the iPhone

iPhone shortage fears as 700,000 sold

Up to 700,000 Apple iPhones were sold during its launch weekend, according to Goldman Sachs research published Tuesday. This prompted concerns that the higher than expected demand could lead to iPhone shortages.

iPhone: the real cost inside

The 8GB Apple iPhone costs just $265.83 (£133) to put together, giving Apple a margin of over 55 per cent on its $599 (£300) retail price, it was found on Wednesday. Research firm iSuppli took apart the Apple iPhone to carry out a teardown analysis of its costs and components.

T-Mobile to get iPhone in Germany?

On Wednesday, reports suggested T-Mobile was about to get the Apple iPhone contract in Germany.

The mobile operator replied saying this isn't the case but speculations grew throughout the week (see below).

Hacker: unlocked iPhone coming within a week

Hackers are likely to unlock the Apple iPhone within the next week, according to reports Wednesday. It comes after hacker DVD Jon's announcement yesterday that he'd managed to bypass the Apple iPhone's activation process. "We believe [hacking the device] will be easy," one hacker said.

No truth to O2 iPhone rumour

The fight among mobile phone operators in Europe over who will get the deal to sell the Apple iPhone is fierce, even before an actual launch date has been announced.

Various reports on Thursday had O2 down as the winner of the exclusive Apple iPhone contract in Europe. But the company is denying these reports, saying "they're just stories without any truth to them".

Hacked iPhone reveals T-Mobile, Vodafone info

Turned out that the firmware leaked for the Apple iPhone included some interesting files suggesting that apart from AT&T and Cingular, T-Mobile and Vodafone were listed as partners. Does this mean that T-Mobile and Vodafone are to be signed up in Europe?

iPhone: selling out fast, shortage fears

Apple Stores across the US are selling out of Apple iPhones, it was reported Thursday, while reports suggested mobile operator AT&T has activated over 1 million Apple iPhones since the launch.

iPhone sell-out fears: Apple comes to rescue

Apple addressed fears about low Apple iPhone stocks Thursday. Almost half of Apple Stores (43 per cent) were listed as having Apple iPhones for sale on Friday morning.

iPhone hacking: UK firm close to unlock

A week following its launch, UK firm said Friday that it's also close to hacking the Apple iPhone, potentially unlocking it for European audiences and others who don't want to be tied into a two-year AT&T deal.

iPhone vs Zune: 1 million sold?

The Apple iPhone is expected to hit a million sales sometime this week, just days after it launched. That's some feat by anyone's standards.

iPhone: eBay prices hit as stocks recover

And finally - those looking to make a quick killing by flogging their iPhone on eBay haven't been as successful as they'd hoped. With in-store stocks up, eBay prices are down.