Samsung talks about next generation of mobiles

Samsung talks about next generation of mobiles
Samsung talks about next generation of mobiles

Samsung's JC Son has told TechRadar that he expects to see processors using ARM's big.LITTLE design by 2012, with devices to arrive soon after from the electronics giant.

Speaking at the UK launch of ARM's tiny low-power A7 processor, Son explained that being able to use a chip that could switch seamlessly between that efficient offering and the much more powerful A15 processor for more complicated processes will revolutionise our mobile phones.

"We're very serious about big.LITTLE," said Son. "You can't sacrifice battery life for CPU performance, and this concept allows us to move forward whilst maintaining the balance.

"We'd expect to have chips using big.LITTLE ready within 2012, with devices to follow after that."

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Son told TechRadar that he "was not yet ready" to reveal when we would see the first devices that use ARM's A15 system on a chip, which one rival chip maker began producing this week.

The A15 design could feasibly be used in the next generation of high-end Samsung smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, or Samsung Galaxy Tab range.

However, the prospect of sub $100 smartphones in 2013, something that the A7 processor is designed to make possible, is an interesting one for Son.

"It's an exciting technology," he added. "There is a lot of demand in the emerging markets for a lower cost smartphone."

Son believes that a powerful partnership has been formed with ARM, and is hopeful that it will continue to be fruitful.

"I believe it will [continue]," he said. "It's a very important partnership."

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