Parrot: Bluetooth speakers for mobiles, iPods

Two Bluetooth-equipped stereo speaker systems have been launched by Parrot, one a speaker dock that also enables handsfree mobile calling, and the other a stylish set of hi-fi speakers.

The Parrot DS3120 universal stereo speaker dock is a home stereo set-up that can be used with iPods and other MP3 players. It also uses Bluetooth for streaming music wirelessly from Bluetooth equipped mobile phones, PCs and laptops.

As well as an audio line-in for portable music players, the system supports USB and has an SD Card slot. The DS3120 also has a built in FM radio, and a 1.8-inch colour TFT display to show track details when music's playing. This screen displays caller details too, including caller ID and phonebook images, when a Bluetooth-connected mobile phone is making or taking a call.

The DS3120 has a built in microphone, so it can be used as a handsfree system for your mobile phone as well as a music system, with 20W stereo speakers onboard. The Parrot DS3120 will go on sale in October, priced at £119.99.

Wireless speakers

Parrot is also releasing the DS1120, a set of two wireless stereo hi-fi speakers that can be used with any stereo Bluetooth device, including mobile phones, MP3 players, PCs and laptops. The DS1120 system has a Class-D digital amplifier in each speaker and power output of 30W RMS, with bass system hidden in the speakers stands.

The Parrot DS1120 comes with a Bluetooth USB dongle adapter for non-Bluetooth devices, but also has a line-in for connecting other music sources, including iPods and standard MP3 players. The DS1120 speakers each measure 153 x 144 x 131mm.

The DS1120 system will go on sale in October and costs £139.99