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Orange and T-Mobile to offer big network boost

Orange and T-Mobile ramp up Everything Everywhere plans
Orange and T-Mobile ramp up Everything Everywhere plans

Orange and T-Mobile will offer massively improved network coverage to its users as part of its new Everything Everywhere merger.

From 5 October users can sign up to gain access to both the Orange and T-Mobile signal, meaning coverage in areas where they might previously have had none.

UPDATE: It appears T-Mobile users will only get access to Orange's 2G network, according to T-Mob's forums, so no data unfortunately. We assume it's the same the other around as well, so we'll have to wait until next year until data may be included as well.

The upgrade will be offered at no extra cost, and if the extra signal on offer were to be created by building new cell towers, it would mean billions of pounds' worth of investment.

Better than ever before

"From next month, we will give almost half of the British population the opportunity to use their phones in more places than ever before," said Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere.

"As well as continuing to benefit from their existing network, Orange customers will be able to make calls and send texts on the T-Mobile network and T-Mobile customers will be able to do the same using the Orange network."

Improved signal

From next year, the deal will see customers' phones switching to whichever signal is strongest, meaning improved data and better call quality. Orange is also introducing HD voice in the near future.

Alexander has also outlined his vision of a 'multinet' future as Everything Everywhere seeks to give consumers "access what they want, when they want, at the touch of a button.

"It will all be possible due to a complex system of interweaving multiple networks, bringing mobile, WiFi and fixed technologies together to act as a super network."

And if that's not the beginning of a real-life version of SkyNet, we don't know what is...