Nokia X6 now available in 16GB flavour

Nokia X6 16GB, slimmed down and cheaper
Nokia X6 16GB, slimmed down and cheaper

Nokia has announced that its popular Comes With Music phone offering, the Nokia X6, now comes without music and 16GB less memory – all in aid of a cut-down price.

The Nokia X6 was initially announced in September and finally landed on the scene in December and is by all accounts a nicely made device.

Sporting Ovi Store connectivity, a capacitive screen (the first for Nokia) and running Symbian S60 5th Edition as an OS, the X6 is a powerful phone with myriad multimedia features.

Price slash

The X6 16GB is a full 16GB less memory than the original and is now without Nokia's Comes With Music service.

Ridding itself of these features does mean that it is nearly half the price of the original X6 – at just £299 SIM-free.

If you want to go down the tariff route then you should be looking at paying around £25 per month.

TechRadar was told back in September that the Nokia X6 would come in this slimmed-down version sans Comes With Music so we are glad to see the Nokia X6 16Gb come to market.

You don't have to wait very long to purchase the handset, as it will be available from tomorrow (27 January) from If you are waiting to pay monthly for the device, then tariffs will be available from 24 February.

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