Nokia Lumia 1020 heading to AT&T later this month for $299.99

Nokia event
There wasn't much mystery left

Nokia's new baby, the Lumia 1020, is on its way to AT&T later this month for a price that's nearly as big as its megapixel count.

The 41MP handset will find its way to the carrier as an exclusive starting July 26, priced at $299.99.

Pre-orders start July 16, with options available in black, white and yellow. All are "matte," according to an AT&T press release sent after the announcement, if you like specificity in your descriptions.

AT&T President and CEO Ralph de la Vega joined in on the new Lumia's welcoming party today in New York, and gushed about the phone's camera features (unsurprisingly).

Lumia looksie

That near-$300 price is only good with a two-year contract, so be warned if you're commitment wary.

The main thrust of this phone is its camera. We're looking at 41MP, with each shot picking up 38MP for saving and editing, as well as a 5MP snap for social sharing.

Nokia packed in a xenon flash and LED light that can, supposedly, grab in-action, in-low light shots, so if your friends feel like leaping at midnight and you want to share their shenanigans on Facebook, you should be able to without it looking like a yeti.

As for the rest of the phone's specs, there's not a whole lot to write home about, though you can certainly compose a letter. It's a Windows Phone 8 handset, naturally, and its screen occupies 4.5 inches of real estate.

The display is a WXGA AMOLED one, and though its resolution of 1280 x 768 is OK, it does have advanced PureMotion HD+ tech for improving on-screen images. RAM is 2GB but the 2,000mAh battery and dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU are pretty "meh."

This will be the first Windows Phone to include AT&T Locker, a free cloud storage app for storing and sharing high-res images, videos, music, documents and more. Ma Bell is offering 50GB of storage free with the purchase of a Lumia 1020.

If you're wondering whether other carriers are in for the 1020, don't hold your breath. We talked to a few Nokia reps at the event and were told that there's nothing to share on alternate networks. It's an AT&T exclusive "for the foreseeable future."

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