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Nexus 5 gets box fresh in latest leaks

Nexus 5 gets box fresh in latest leaks
Lots and lots of boxes.

New smartphone rumors don't get serious until the packaging is revealed, right? Well, get excited: boxes apparently destined to house the new Nexus 5 have popped up online.

Okay, so pictures of boxes aren't exactly the most interesting of leaks but if they are genuine then it signals another important step towards the Nexus 5 getting into our hands.

The photos of the boxes have apparently come from Canada and were posted on the Neogaf forum by 'Junior Mint' - although the user's clarification of their source is hardly the most compelling.

When quizzed on the source, Junior Mint's response read: "Dude on a local Canadian forum I visit works for LG Canada. Posted these as proof." Hmm.

Nexus 5 camera says cheese

As well as potential Nexus 5 boxes, images have also shown up online apparently snapped on Google's next smartphone.

Looking at the EXIF data on the shots the Nexus 5 name is clearly shown, along with an 8MP resolution and HDR mode.

While it's difficult to tell if the snaps are genuine, they were posted on the search giant's Google+ social network by its own employees which gives the leaks slightly more credence.

More interestingly though some of these images have now disappeared from various Google+ pages - has Google has a word with some of its employees? Maybe.

We're still waiting for Google to launch the LG-made Nexus 5, with the latest rumors pointing towards November 5.

Via PhoneArena and Phandroid