Fring: free VoIP for your Nokia mobile

Fring is compatible with Nokia phones running S60 smartphone software - like the Nokia N80

Now you can make those cheaper internet phone calls with your Nokia handset, thanks to Fring - a free to install VoIP (voice over internet protocol) application.

VoIP-enabled mobiles let you make cut-price phone calls via the internet, instead of using 3G services - potentially saving you a packet in the process. Fring is a VoIP application that works on Nokia mobiles using the S60 smartphone software .

Installing it enables you to call landlines, other mobiles and PCs with VoIP applications. It even gives you the ability to call friends on Skype , Google Talk and MSN for no apparent extra costs. Fring packs in other VoIP goodies like texts and instant messaging as well.

It works over GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi networks, so Fring should work just about anywhere you go. A quick check on the Fring message board, however, points to voice quality issues using GPRS.

As for cost, Fring is claiming calls consume neither voice nor data air time when you use a 3G connection; you're only charged the internet connection fees established in your mobile phone contract. On Wi-Fi it's free.

"Millions of users around the world can now enjoy mobile Voice over IP benefits like chat, 'presence' or real-time contact availability, cost savings, and more", said Boaz Zilberman, Fring co-founder and chief architect.

To download Fring, and check whether you have a compatible handset, visit Fring's website . You can also download the program from the mobile of a Fling-owning friend.