Mobile trends Twitter party: win one of 6 Sony Xperia T smartphones

Mobile trends Twitter party: win one of 6 Sony Xperia T smartphones
Join the party to win your very own Sony Xperia T smartphone

Scoop a new Sony Xperia T smartphone as we team with T3 on Twitter to discuss the potential impact of NFC and the future of the mobile industry.

We've teamed up with the generous folks at Sony to give you the chance to win one of 6 Sony Xperia T smartphones, just announced at IFA 2012 in Berlin.

The Twitter party begins at 3PM on September 5 for one hour, and you can follow with the hashtag #WinWith Xperia. Bring all your questions on the future of the most exciting industry in the gadget world and join the conversation!

To win, follow those lovely chaps over on @T3dotcom, bring your questions using the hashtag (#WinWithXperia if you've already forgotten), keep a lookout for the all important entry tweets and be ready to retweet for the opportunity to win a top-notch Android phone.

The mobile sector of the tech industry is probably the only thing left in the universe that moves faster than a monkey with the keys to a banana factory.

The next huge development will see the widespread adoption Near Field Communications (NFC) chips in almost all new mobile handsets as we move towards 2013.

The many possibilities for NFC, which appears within the newly-announced Sony Xperia T, are many.

The long-held fantasy of a digital wallet in a cashless society could soon be upon us. Soon, our handsets will contain digital bank cards, store cards, identification, travel passes, event tickets or even keys to our cars and houses.

What would be your ultimate use for NFC? Bring your suggestions to the Twitter Party over at @T3dotcom (and remember to include the hashtag #WinWithXperia).

However, NFC isn't the only area of the industry moving at sprint-speed; the quad-core era is now upon us, while recent developments have made the UK's first 4G LTE network possible by the end of 2012.

Given quicker mobile internet, what would you do? Would it change to way you work and live? Let us know with the #WinWithXperia hashtag.

Meanwhile, more powerful productivity, gaming and media-based applications arrive every day to increase the reach of our mobile devices. Let us know your dream apps and make sure you use the #WinWithXperia hashtag.

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