LG beats Samsung to the punch with eye recognition update

LG advertisement in Times Squre
LG is trying to tell us something...

We are mere hours away from Samsung's (highly likely) reveal of the Galaxy S4, but LG got the jump on a little smartphone news today.

The phone maker revealed it's launching a new multimedia user experience feature in the Optimus G Pro called Smart Video.

According to an LG press release, Smart Video recognizes the position of users' eyes and automatically plays or stops a video without the need to manually input a command.

The whole operation falls on the front facing camera. When a user looks away from their device, the snapper picks this motion up and automatically pauses the video. Upon returning their gaze to the device, the camera begins playing the video from where it left off.

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The timing of LG's announcement - and a purposefully placed Times Square ad - is surely meant to steal some thunder from rival Samsung's big unveiling.

Numerous leaks and reports have pegged some sort of eye tracking tech coming to Samsung's new flagship phone.

Granted, Samsung will rule internet jabber for days to come with its new devices (or devices), but you can't blame LG for trying.

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In addition to the Smart Video feature, the G Pro will play host to a Dual Camera feature, an extension of the Dual Recording feature. Dual Camera will simultaneously capture photos using both the front and back camera, creating a picture-in-picture composition.

The Optimus G Pro is currently only available in Korea, and both Smart Video and Dual Camera will come as part of a Value Pack upgrade for the device starting next month. The device is expected to launch in North America soon.

LG did say that the functions will be made available for "some LG premium smartphones in the future."

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