Leaked Moto X 2016 is a curious metal creation

This leaked image may be the new Moto X 2016

An image that may show the next Moto X has surfaced, showing off a departure in design from Motorola's past smartphones from the line.

The image was leaked by Chinese source cnBeta, and it displays the back of what is allegedly the Moto X 2016. Since the source hasn't been confirmed, it's hard to tell if this is the real McCoy, especially considering some drastic changes to the design.

The leaked image of the alleged Moto X 2016

Image Credit: TalkAndroid

One thing that stands out immediately is a metal and glass body construction, which may look cool but could exclude it from the Moto Maker feature. Moto Maker helped the Moto X line stand out with its wide rand of customization options.

It's also possible that this is the "naked" version of the phone, and that customization may still be an option down the line.

Another aesthetic elephant in the room is a massive rear-facing camera lens that is not flush with the phone. Prior iterations of the Moto X have had recessed cameras, in line with Motorola's embedded logo.

Finally, another detail of note in the leaked image is the location of the speakers. The opening for sound to come out is on the bottom part of the phone's body, indicating back-facing speakers.

This is a curious choice both because the second-generation Moto X touted front-facing speakers and putting speakers right where a person's palm would rest isn't a boon to sound quality.

Other details that accompanied the rumored leak include a fingerprint sensor built into the phone, along with a Snapdragon 820 processor.

All that said, these details and the image itself should be taken with a grain of salt. The possible departure from front-facing speakers or customization, both big parts of what made the Moto X popular, not to mention that massive camera lens, make this supposed leak a bit of a stretch.

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