Latest HTC One 2 leak hints at camera boost

HTC One 2 camera boost appears insignificant in latest leak
Questions over camera in the One 2

Momentum is gathering behind the HTC One 2 as rumors continue to spill onto the web, and there's a range of new information coming to light about the Taiwanese firm's next flagship smartphone.

The first set of details come via @HTCFamily_RU on Twitter - a currently unverified source of HTC leaks - and it claims the M8 will sport a 5MP main camera.

This contradicts previous rumors which suggest HTC will stick with the same 4MP ultrapixel sensor from the One, but include two lenses on the rear of the One 2.

The same feed also claims that the HTC M8 will not sport a fingerprint scanner, but will have a 4.7-inch full HD display - matching that of the One.

We'd be surprised if the One 2 does rock up with the same screen as its predecessor, as other rumors suggest we're in for a 5-inch offering, so take all this with a heavy dose of salt.

More Twitter whisperings

Another unknown Twitter tipster is also having his say on the HTC One 2, with Shen Ye - a XDA Developers forum moderator - releasing apparent nuggets of information on the upcoming device.

According to Shen the HTC One 2 will arrive in five colors (silver, dark grey, red, blue, gold) and sport both a microSD slot - something which was missed on the One - and nanoSIM support.

The inclusion of nanoSIM would mean the One 2 would join a currently rather exclusive club of handsets comprising of the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and Moto X, and the smaller size could be a nod towards a slimmer, more compact design.

As we've mentioned, these leakers don't have the pedigree of other tipsters, so we're remaining cautious about the information they are providing.

Via Softpedia and TheSource

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