iPhone 6 will stick with 8MP, but it'll be the best iPhone camera yet

iPhone 6 will stick with 8MP, but it'll be the best iPhone camera yet
Like this, only better

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 rocked up at MWC 2014 with 16MP and 20.7MP cameras respectively, but according to latest reports the iPhone 6 will stick with a humble 8MP.

Details leaked onto Chinese social networking site Weibo suggest the iPhone 6 isn't in for a megapixel bump, but instead Apple will be boosting the camera in different ways.

Camera quality isn't all about megapixels - just take a look at the 4MP HTC One - and Apple's iSight snapper still manages to deliver decent shots thanks to the heap of extra technical nous the Cupertino firm has thrown into the mix.

Apparently you can look forward to a bigger 1/2.6 sensor, f/2.0 aperture, OIS (optical image stabilisation) skills and a 6P sapphire lens on the iPhone 6 - a boost from the snappers you'll find in the iPhone 5 and 5S.

Bezel is so 2013

While the camera looks to gain more, the bezel round the supposedly larger screen of the iPhone 6 is tipped to shrink, with new images emerging, claiming to show the front panel of Apple's next smartphone.

Lined up to what is supposedly the iPhone 4S and 5S front panels, the iPhone 6 does appear to have a slightly larger display and absolutely no bezel either side.

iPhone 6 - LEAK

The iPhone 6 front panel? (credit: WeiPhone)

We're not getting too carried away though, as this is highly unlikely to be the real deal for a number of reasons - our guess is Photoshop or a straight up fake 'prototype'.

The gap between the home button and the bottom of the display for example, looks rather clumsy for a start - something you don't expect from a perfectionist like Apple, and the notion of a bezel-less phone would require some serious engineering power.

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