iPhone 5S launch event rumored for June, release date in July

iPhone 5S launch date and release date rumors
Close to the sixth anniversary of the original iPhone launch

The iPhone 5S launch event isn't too far away, but one Japanese magazine is getting specific about the date, sparking a rumor about a June 20 reveal and a July release date.

June 20 is less than three months from now and would land on a Thursday, according to the, coincidentally, 20th anniversary issue of MacFan Magazine picked up by Electronista.

Thursday, almost the tail end of the week's news cycle, would make for an odd choice for an Apple hardware reveal of the iPhone 5S.

However, Samsung recently proved that it could still light up Broadway with its Galaxy S4 smartphone launch event on Thursday, March 14.

Could Apple be taking its cues from its chief competitor and primary courtroom opponent?

iPhone 5S release date speculated

In addition to laying out the Apple smartphone's launch event date, MacFan indicates a more broad iPhone 5S release date window and suggests that it'll be followed by a low-cost iPhone.

The iPhone 5S will go on sale in July, according to the rumor, reverting Apple back to the release cycle in which the iPhone 3G launched.

The cheaper iPhone model, intended for the developing countries such as China and India, is slated for an August release date.

Whether or not this low-cost iPhone is the long-rumored iPhone mini is unclear.

But what about iPhone 6, iOS 7?

There's still a chance that Apple could boldly introduce iPhone 6, skipping the iPhone 5S altogether, and debut iOS 7 at an event this summer.

Apple hasn't taken too many chances with its annual refresh its smartphone or mobile operating system, and 2013 seems like the year that the company has to premier a new design to keep everyone's attention.

Maybe not something as gutsy as an iPhone with a curved, wrap-around display, but something out-of-the-box would help boost new smartphone sales.

Whether or not all of that comes to light on June 20 remains to be seen.

Apple, contacted by TechRadar, has so far stayed silent on the rumored iPhone 5S launch date. However, this story will be updated when and if the company responds.

Matt Swider