iOS 10 could tune out Apple Music's social features

iOS 10 could tune out Apple Music's social features

iOS 10 promises to bring big changes, and not even Apple Music is immune from the moves to come.

Specifically, the new OS is said to scale back Connect, the Apple tune service's social function.

Originally designed as a sort-of social network for artists to share posts, pictures, and videos directly to fans, 9to5Mac reports that Apple Music's Connect tab is taking a back seat in its next mobile update.

A partial disconnect

Connect reportedly isn't going away, instead being relegated to the app's "For You" recommendation section, so it's definitely a downgrade.

At launch, Connect was touted as one of Apple Music's major selling points, and even still has its own page on the service's website, next to its better-known features, like live radio and music discovery.

But considering we forgot Connect was even a thing, it makes sense that it's not the hit Apple hoped it would be.

That extra slot on the menu could probably be better suited for another feature, or perhaps something new entirely - especially as other unforeseen changes are in store for the service when iOS 10 drops.

We won't learn for sure what fate will befall Apple Music and Connect until June 13, when this year's WWDC 2016 gives us an iOS 10 breakdown, as well as what other secrets the Cupertino tech giant still tucked under its sleeve.

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