HTC Vigor snapped with US network logo

HTC Vigor snapped with US network logo
Rezoundingly awful names all round

The HTC Vigor has posed for another sneaky photoshoot, this time proudly displaying a Verizon logo that suggests it's not going to make the leap across the pond.

Of course, we surmised as much from the name which is spelled incorrectly using American English.

We'd take the Vigor as a preferable alternative to the other mooted name for the handset though – the HTC Rezound, which popped up in a Verizon inventory with the same model number as the Vigor.

HTC's naming strategy is obviously reaching new barrel scraping lows; but at least that terrible hippity hoppity rap-napping street dancing break beating name suggests that the handset will come with Beats audio built in.

Now on to the good stuff

A shot of the handset's hardware screen reveals a 1.5GHz processor as part of the Vigor's innards, with 1GB of memory and a 4.3-inch display with 720p resolution.

The cameras rock 2MP on the front and 8MP on the back, complete with dual LED flash.

The HTC Vigor pictured is running Android 2.3.4 and Sense 3.5, although there's no guarantee that's what it will launch with – we imagine HTC will be gunning for the most up to date version of Android which, by the time the handset launches, could well be Ice Cream Sandwich.

It's not a bad looking handset so we'd gladly welcome the HTC Vigor into the British fold on the proviso that HTC rename it HTC Igor - or at least shove a 'U' in there.

HTC aren't saying anything, given that the handset is yet to be officially announced, but we won't be surprised to see this puppy landing Stateside only.

From Team Bamf via PocketNow

While you wait for the HTC Vigor/Rezound's UK fate to be decided, watch two other HTC heavyweights battle it out in our video pitting the HTC Radar against the HTC Titan:

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