HTC Vigor: first pictures leak out

HTC Vigor: first pictures leak out
Vigor gets papped

Someone has been snap happy at HTC HQ, with pictures of one of the company's latest handsets, the HTC Vigor, finding their way online.

As the pictures - courtesy of Droid Life - only show the look of the handset, there's not too much to go on with regards to what specs will end up in the device.

We do know, however, that the HTC Vigor looks a lot like the HTC Incredible, with a little bit of red colouring added to the fascia.

The camera lens now has a red outline, giving it a Terminator feel, while there's also an LED flash on board.

HTC vigor

Credit: Droid Life

Flip the handset over and you have a front-facing camera, massive screen and no physical buttons – just like the Incredible.

There are reports that the screen is the same 4.3-inches as the Incredible and there's 1GB Ram and a 1.5GHz dual core processor inside.

It looks as if we will see the fruits of the Beats technology buyout within the HTC Vigor as well and also HTC Sense 3.5.

As with most HTC leaks, the HTC Vigor is unlikely to be given that moniker in the UK – it would have to earn itself a 'u' for a start.

So, it looks like we could be seeing the HTC Incredible HD for the very first time. Possibly.

Because of this it is getting middle marks on the famous TechRadar Rumour Meter.


Via Droid Life

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