HTC One range not performing as hoped

HTC One range not performing as hoped
Has the One range failed to meet HTC's expectations?

HTC may be managing to keep its head above water for now, but it's seeing revenue fall significantly and predicts further drops in the near future.

The Taiwanese firm was pinning its hopes on a big second quarter of 2012 as its One range of handsets hit the market and, although HTC achieved a 34.3 percent growth on the previous quarter, it was still down a huge 26.8 percent year on year.

Now HTC has released its forecast for the third quarter of this year and unfortunately it's not painting the prettiest of pictures.

Leaking millions

HTC predicts revenue for the third quarter of 2012 will be between $2.3 to $2.7 billion (around £1.5-1.7 billion) – a potential difference of around 23 per cent on its second quarter earnings, which came in at $3bn (around £1.9bn).

The company says that sales were in line with expectations in Asia, but it intends to increase its marketing and sales focus in the US and Europe – obviously regions where HTC is struggling to compete against the likes of the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3.

That's not to say HTC is producing poor handsets, with the One X, One S and One V all impressing in our in-depth reviews and, with suggestions it may be looking at producing some Windows Phone 8 handsets, the Taiwanese firm may be able to get back on track before the year is out.

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