HTC One M8 holds off Galaxy S5 to claim best smartphone title

Galaxy S5
The S5 fails to make the splash Samsung wanted

Want to know which is the best smartphone? Well, we've made it simple: it's the HTC One M8, and it's beaten the Samsung Galaxy S5 into second place.

Choosing a pocket companion for the next two years can be a tricky thing, which is why we've got the definitive best smartphones list, based on TechRadar's in-depth reviews.

And this year has been a real belter for those who love a phone, with all of 2014's contenders showing promise and power. The HTC One M8 is the clear winner for its combination of design, power and innovation. Trust us, you'll see what we mean when you pick it up for the first time.

That doesn't mean that the competition is poor - in years gone by, a phone of the Galaxy S5's quality would have swept the board, coming as it does with a great performance, a waterproof chassis, and a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor too.

More to come

That's just the start of it though, as we're still waiting to see what the Sony Xperia Z2 brings to the table and whether LG can follow up the surprise hit of the G2 with the cleverly-named LG G3, while Samsung will be hoping its powerful Galaxy Note 4 will provide a small distraction from the iPhone 6 bandwagon. We expect to see all these handsets (Sony aside) later in the year.

Apple needs the iPhone 6 to fly - while the 5S is still one of the top-selling models in the world, it's no longer in our top five. The competition has surpassed Cupertino's flagship in terms of specs, power and design.

But we don't expect a brand like Apple to sit by and watch better phones emerge, which is why we're really excited to see what the iPhone 6 brings.

So there you have it - head on over to our best phone rankings to see which is best for you - we've got all prices and screen sizes covered, so if you're not partial to the metal unibody of the One M8, you're sure to find your next handset in there somewhere.

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