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Google Nexus One UK release date delayed?

The Nexus One - will we ever see it?
The Nexus One - will we ever see it?

Reports are suggesting that the Google Nexus One will be delayed past its expected April UK release date.

The reports state that the UK release of the Google Nexus One has been pushed back to mid-April, not earlier in the month as previously expected.

The reason for the delay hasn't been given, but it's all the more confusing as other reports are claiming that shipments of the Nexus One are imminent to the UK, available on the Vodafone network.

Not just the UK

Of course, the UK is just one territory where Vodafone will be the official contract provider for the Nexus One, as it has plans to do so all over Europe.

But the UK will be one of the first territories, so if the phone is shipping, it should come here first.

All this talk is essentially just handing the advantage to HTC - by the time the Nexus One launches, both the HTC Desire (which is very similar in design to the Nexus One) and the HTC Legend will have appeared on the UK market.

And it's hard to see how Google intends to make waves with a phone that it won't really market - the online portal seems to be the only way to get it.

Via Digitimes